Life is a Self-Paced Course - results will vary wildly

We get to decide how fast or slowly we grow by the amount of time and attention we give to making the changes in our lives for the results that we long for. The majority of people settle for a level of misery they can tolerate and call that, “Happiness,” finding a way to numb themselves of their deepest fear, pain, and disappointments because they would rather sleepwalk through their life than do the work required for true happiness, fulfillment, and peace.

Love is God

Love is the Essence of God. Love is Eternal and the only True Reality in this world; it is what remains when all else fades away. Love is our True Identity and function in the world.

Awareness is 80% of the Work

Waking up to your mental chatter, patterns, and strategies of the ego is the most challenging step of transformation. 

Mid-Life Clarity

The time in our lives when we see the fallacy of finding happiness from success, money, materialism, or fame and we find ourselves desperate for something fulfilling and real. 

The time in our life when we are tired of playing the games of life and are ready to walk away from everything we once believed would bring us happiness, fulfillment, and peace to find what our hearts truly long for.

Let it Go

Your thoughts, your stories, your suffering, your strategies, your fears, your control; your ego. Let it all go to find the peace and happiness you long for.


You Only See What Supports Your Story

Your ego is constantly gathering evidence to be right about your limiting, painful stories about who you are and what you can do. You completely miss all of the empowering messages that contradict that which you believe to be true about yourself because you don’t have receptors for the Truth.

Love Unites Ego Divides

Love is inclusive. Love is unconditional and draws everyone to Itself. Ego believes itself to be separate from God and from others which is the cause of your suffering.

Overcome Your Fear and Know Your Power

Fear is an invitation to be embraced rather than a danger to be avoided. Everything you want and have been asking for is on the other side of fear. You will experience real power when you step into your fears.

Do no harm

Love is never unkind, rude, critical, judgmental, or controlling. You must ask yourself, “Is what I’m about to do or say an expression of Love or fear?” This rule applies to yourself equally as well.

Be Still

You must quiet your body and your mind to discover true happiness. Busyness is ego’s distraction away from what is essential for you to experience your True Essence, which is Love. You will find all of the answers to that which you are seeking in stillness.

Suffering is Optional

Suffering is a habitual pattern. You suffer because at a subconscious level you believe you are guilty and guilt demands punishment. So, you go about sabotaging your life, and telling yourself lies to balance the scales of justice.

Events are Neutral 

You place an interpretation on the events of your life. Your interpretations will always be in alignment with your beliefs about yourself, about others, and about the world.

You Attract What You Require

Everything and everyone you attract into your life is actually for your best interest. Either to wake you up from your suffering through more intense suffering, or to further your enlightenment through new relationships and experiences.

Life is a House of Mirrors

People mirror back to you that which you cannot see in yourself. They show you how you are showing up in the world so you can either acknowledge your True Essence through the kindness and Love you see in others, or so you can address that which isn’t in alignment with your Essence of Love. 

Everything Always Works Out for You

You can relax! You don’t need to strive to get your needs met. Everything is actually working out for your best interest. Breathe! You have everything you truly need in this moment. Breathe! Trust the process and become a witness to the Love that governs your life. 

There is Only Fear or Love

You are either operating in a state of fear or a state of Love. The fruit of fear is separation, suffering, and conflict. The fruit of Love is Unity, peace, fulfillment, freedom, and happiness. Check out the fruit of your life to see which state you’ve been operating from.

You are Not Guilty, You are Innocent and Wounded

People are deeply wounded and have been deceived into believing they are far less than they really are. Wounded people hurt themselves and others all day long. When you can see yourself and others as wounded and innocent rather than bad and wrong, forgiveness and Love will easily and naturally flow from your True Essence.

People are Not Your Problem, Your Wounds are

People and circumstances that cause you to suffer are your gift not your problem. Whenever your peace and joy are disturbed it points to a false core belief that requires your attention to be revealed and healed. This healing leads to your freedom, joy, and peace that cannot be disturbed by anything external.

Set Free to Love

The false subconscious beliefs about yourself keeps you in a perpetual state of fear. From this state of fear you react unfavorably to others and circumstances which keeps you suffering at some level. Once you are set free from those false subconscious beliefs you will be free to Love both yourself and others. We are designed by Love, for Love, to Love. 

Tell Yourself the Truth

“You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” You must begin to accept the Truth of Who you are if you are going to live the Divine life and purpose you are created to experience. When you learn to quiet your mind through stillness and contemplation you will see the Truth of Who you are that is eternal and unchanging. 

Remember Who you are

When you get clear about who you really are, the Divine Essence of yourSelf, your life will become a series of miracles.You will experience yourSelf as the Creator of your reality through your thoughts. And, you will be in alignment to create the abundant life you deserve.