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New Paradigm of Love

We work with couples in conflict who are disappointed by love. 

Whether you’re in your mid-30s or mid-50s, chances are you’ve had one or more failed relationships or have been with your partner for a decade or more…

And while it was good at first (maybe even really good)...

Something’s happened.

You have no idea how your relationship went from passionate and fun to painful, but this is your reality now. 


Ladies, you’re probably feeling pretty disappointed. 

In the beginning of your relationship, you had hopes and dreams of a happy passionate love affair that would last the rest of you life. 

And, you dreamed of how you and your man would support each other. 

But, as the years went on, he just didn’t seem to show up the way you envisioned he would. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that are frustrating: Like not noticing that you are overwhelmed with an endless list of things to do.

Sometimes it’s the big things that are disappointing: Like feeling unsupported, unknown, and undesirable.

And, the thing is, you don’t think you should even have to ask for help, or for time to connect deeply….

You want him to “want” those things too.

Let’s face it - you’re exhausted, running on fumes, and you aren’t feeling very good about yourself most days.


Men, you feel like you just can’t win! 

No matter what you do or how hard you try, there’s always something you’re not doing right. Or you’re not measuring up to her expectations again. 

Maybe you’ve tried traditional couples counseling with a professional therapist, or a pastor, but you just ended up with a list of things you should do or say differently.

And while you’ve really tried to make those changes, you always revert back to how you do and say things….

And those things upset your woman. 

Week after week, you feel like a f*ck up, until you just want to throw in the towel and go have some beers with the guys (or escape into some other fantasy). 

Regardless, at this point, you’re sick and tired of feeling like you can’t get it right and that you’re a constant disappointment to your lady. 

Whether you’re the guy or the gal in the relationship reading this, does this sound eerily familiar?

Look, you just want to be happy, right?

You want some peace in your home. You long for kindness, compassion, fun, and romantic intimacy with your partner.

What you do know, is that there’s got to be more to love than what you’re experiencing.

So, where do you go from here?

You see, deep down, you still love your partner. 

You hope there is a possibility for a future together, but you have no idea how you’d get there…

What we’ve found in our own relationship journey, and with all the couples we’ve worked with, is that what we actually need is something entirely new…

It’s what we call The New Paradigm Of Love.

See, whether or not you know it, you’re living in a broken model of love, which we call the “old paradigm of love.”

old vs new paradigm.jpg

We can’t change what we aren’t aware of, right? 

Here’s the good news - you already know that the old paradigm of love doesn’t work - and so do we!

Even better news is that The New Paradigm of Love doesn’t rely on other people changing for our happiness.

Here’s what we want you to know…

There really is hope. 

We’ve seen the worst of the worst relationship breakdowns (divorce papers signed) heal, and be happier than ever.

Of course, we can’t guarantee what will happen for your relationship.

What we CAN guarantee, is that you take yourself into every relationship (whether that’s a re-creation of your current relationship, or an entirely new relationship)...

And, we can guarantee that if you do the work to integrate  into The New Paradigm of Love…

You can experience the healthy happy intimate relationship you long for.

A daily experience of feeling…







… Celebrated and Adored. 

The old paradigm of love is the murky sea most people are swimming drowning in. 

It was modeled for you by your parents, and by their parents, for multiple generations deep.

It’s projected on the big screen…

It’s blaring through the car radio…

We do what we do in relationships because it’s the only thing we know how to do.


That’s why we’re here…

Our hands extended to you, to help lift you up and out of the old paradigm…

And, into The New Paradigm of Love that is waiting for you.

If something inside of you is saying “yes, yes, yes!!!”, then let’s talk.

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In Service to Love -

Joe + Denise

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