You decide the price for unlimited monthly vip coaching calls. Now that’s a New Paradigm.

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How the Love-Lifeline Works:

It’s one thing to hear a teacher present a concept that resonates with you, and quite another to integrate that concept into your life until it becomes your default program. 

Currently, your life is being governed by your subconscious beliefs and early childhood programming by the environment you were, and are, exposed to…

We call that a paradigm.

Those beliefs and programs include how you view and experience romantic relationships which were modeled for you by your parents. 

You may have noticed in your parents model that they really weren’t that happy together. Perhaps there were a lot of arguments, or even a divorce or two. Perhaps there was a silent acceptance of a level of misery that you just aren’t interested in.

And while you may have noticed that some of your default patterns aren’t getting you what you long for, you also have no idea what to do to be able to have the relationship you deeply desire.

That’s where we come in……

What we have observed with all of the students who have gone through one or more of our programs is that they required a lot of hand-holding to integrate our concepts into their every-day, every-moment life. 

Often what gets in the way of our students getting all of the support they need is money - they hesitate to book a private coaching session with us because they don’t want to spend any more money on their personal growth or on their problematic relationship. 

Which, we think, is like jumping over $1000 to pick up a penny. 

Seriously, what IS your happiness worth? What is your relationship worth? What is your family worth? 

Rather than resist the money scarcity conversation people are stuck in, we’ve come up with a plan that we believe will eliminate this issue entirely…


What does this entail exactly? This is a VIP Offer where you will have access to our personal phone numbers. You can send us a text and let us know you need to process something that just came up…

An emotional button got triggered…

You’re stuck in a mental hamster wheel…

A deep fear has surfaced…

You’re having an anxiety surge…

You’re feeling depressed…

You’re raging… You need some help ASAP.

We will jump on a call with you within a few hours and address whatever is disturbing your peace….

AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! That’s right! 

You simply make a donation once, at the beginning of the month to have us in your back pocket from 8am - 8pm six days a week.. We take Sundays off for self-care.

I can’t think of anything easier or more powerful for your transformation. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton says that there are only two known ways to reprogram the subconscious mind; hypnotherapy and repetition. 

We offer both hypnotherapy and repetition to our students. 

The repetition for our VIP students happens each time we process your triggers until those triggers have been clearly identified and you learn how to heal the subconscious beliefs those triggers represent. 

This process can then be used like a well sharpened tool for all emotional triggers until you are healed, healthy, and happy. 

Becoming a healed, healthy, happy person WILL significantly shift your entire life - including with your partner.