sanctuary by the sea

5 or 10 Day Retreat

Organic food + Lodging + 24 hour Holistic Healing Immersion Program + Professional Photography = An indulgent immersion in Love. 

Heal in our sanctuary while we dive into the subconscious beliefs that are governing your life. In fact, the same beliefs that cause you to experience predictable triggers over and over again until the wounds are uncovered and then gently brought into the light of truth to dissolve. 

We then realign your “Authentic Self” with the dream of your heart and help you create a new vision, a brand new paradigm, for your relationship with your magnificent self, your Lover, and acquaintances.

This is a holistic approach to heal all of you - Spiritually, physically, and mentally. 


You will learn what the latest research is showing that works and doesn’t work for optimal health and disease- free longevity.

*Need to know of any specific diet or health issues. 


You will learn how your subconscious beliefs determine your life. You will learn what those beliefs are and how to reprogram them for optimal results. 


You will learn about Love, Source, God, Spirit. You will learn about your True Identity, which is your Essence and what’s been blocking Love from being expressed through your life. 

As Ambassadors of Love - Our intention is to heal the traumas of:

  • Self-Hatred

  • Chronic Anger and Frustration

  • The fallout of Divorce, Separation & Isolation

  • Sexual Guilt & Shame

  • Addictions

  • Exhaustion/Burnout

    10 Day Immersion - $10,000

    5 Day Immersion - $5,000

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