What is Sanctuary by the sea / Couples Retreat?

3 and 1/2 day Holistic Healing Immersion Program + Organic Meals + Professional Photography

You’ll have a daily schedule including meals, meditation/ self- hypnosis, modules, journalling, walking, and debriefing time with us.

*Guests arrive Thursday @ 4pm for orientation/objectives.

Friday + Saturday 8am - 8pm

Sunday 8am - 4pm

*You might want to plan to stay a few more days here in sunny Southern California to nurture your self and/or your relationship with you partner.

This is a holistic approach to heal the whole person - Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually,

You will learn what the latest research is showing that works and doesn’t work for optimal health and disease- free longevity.

*We’ll need to know of any specific diet or health issues you have.

You will learn how your subconscious beliefs determine your life. You will learn what those beliefs are and how to reprogram them for optimal results.

You will learn about Love, Source, God, Spirit. You will learn about your True Identity, which is your Essence. You’ll also learn what’s been blocking Love from being expressed through your life.

How will this retreat heal me and my relationship?

Emotional Buttons - you will learn how and why you get triggered by your lover and why your lover is not your problem so you no longer harm them or yourself. You will learn about meditation and self-hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious beliefs.

New Paradigm of Love - you will learn about a powerful Love that wins and never causes harm. You will learn about your Divine Essence and relationship to Source as well as your Divine Purpose in the world.

Fear - you will learn what fear is, where it comes from, it’s Divine purpose, and gain a new perspective of fear so you can use it as a powerful resource to benefit your life.

Enneagram - you will learn about your Ego Fixation - it’s purpose, it’s strategies, and how to break free from it so your Essence can be expressed in every area of your life.

Surrender - you will also learn how to live a life of surrender to Love so you can experience an amazing life - one you couldn’t begin to imagine for yourself.

Designing a Vision - you will learn the power of creating a relationship vision statement and how to govern everything you say and do around that vision to keep your relationship on track.

Judgements - you will learn to see yourself in others through your judgments so you can change those areas of your life that you are currently unaware are even there.

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What’s the cost?

What is your current situation costing you?

Tell yourself the Truth.

Your health? Your marriage? Your job performance? Your kids?

What is the high cost you are paying to continue to suffer in a broken paradigm? As brilliant, or beautiful, or creative, or spiritual, or as successful as you are - you can’t figure out your relationship problem. And everything you think should work or could work - hasn’t. You cannot solve a problem from within the paradigm that created it. Whether you know it or not, you are trapped in a broken model of what has often been referred too as Love. No wonder there is such confusion in your mind. You require a new paradigm. An adjustment to your current understanding.

We love and heal you deeply. We model the New Paradigm of Love and we’re told that it is most effective when you are in our presence. You will feel and experience what a New Paradigm relationship looks and feels like. That is the secret power of this retreat. You may remember little of all the concepts we teach, but you will be profoundly moved by how Love makes you feel and heal.

What’s the next step?

  1. Schedule a call with us. Click on any “Reserve your seat” button to schedule.

    After our call, if we agree you’d be a good fit for the retreat, you may reserve your seat.

  2. Clear your calendar for the retreat dates and travel days. Book your travel and accommodations.

    If you are flying into Southern California, book your flight into San Diego International Airport (SAN)

    You can take a train up to Oceanside from the airport. It stops just a few blocks from our home. (see map above)

    For accommodations - https://www.airbnb.com/ Book anywhere close to the coast in Oceanside, CA. Also, there are several hotels/motels close to the pier in Oceanside, CA. (see map above)

  3. We honor and accept results-based donations. As part of our radically new model for 21st century relationships, you pay only for the results you experience! That’s right. When the retreat is finished you decide what to pay for the results. We simply ask for a $500 deposit per person to secure your seat and meals. The suggested total donation for the retreat is $1250 per person (including the deposit). However, any donation beyond the $500 deposit is entirely up to you. At the end of the retreat, you’ll be given the opportunity to donate the value you received. What is it worth to you to be given the tools to experience a healed, healthy, and happy life? You decide. Get started today.

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