Lonely Singles: 

Please allow us to be direct with you.

The short answer to the question “Why am I still single?” is that you don’t feel worthy of Love.

What you certainly are not aware of is the subconscious programing that is keeping you in a holding pattern of being alone regardless of what your conscious mind “thinks” it wants. 

Dissolving this program will set you free to love.

We are gentle Way-Showers to an entirely different reality.

Some call this new paradigm Heaven, Bliss, Nirvana, Joy.

It has revealed itself to us as Love.

It is the operating system of the universe.

Your path to healing is to simply remember who you really are.

When you are ready, your teachers appear.

Are you ready?

In the New Paradigm of Love you will never feel lonely again.

With, or without a partner.

Once you wake up to this New Paradigm of Love - Love will flow freely through you, revealing and dissolving the unconscious limiting beliefs that keep you a slave to suffering and separation.

As Love sets you free, you may be eager to set others free.

Your freedom will naturally attract an equally free partner for relationships beyond what you can currently imagine.

Love always wins.

Are you ready to enter the New Paradigm?