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These events start with an eye-opening interactive talk that will help you gain insight into how to get along with literally anyone in your life. Joe and Denise lead a lively discussion where you will discover the nine personality types of the Enneagram - an incredibly accurate ancient system that is sweeping the nation in popularity - and more importantly, you will learn the benefits of understanding the driving motivation behind all of the nine types and how to dissolve your own limiting patterns.

Have you ever wondered why you are are attracted to certain people and resist others? Or maybe you just wish that you could get along with a certain someone better… Regardless of whether the relationship resides at work or home, you’ll leave this experiential event understanding the root problem, with actionable insights for immediate improvement. These events have limited space available, insuring that everyone who joins gets one-on-one time with Joe and Denise – so come early, and come ready to ask questions, and learn tools and techniques to apply to your specific situation!



Is it starting to feel like fear, conflict, suffering, and loneliness are taking over your life? Do you ever find yourself saying, “There’s got to be more to Life than this?” Discover how the "New Paradigm of Love" can help you develop a deep level of compassion and understanding that frees you from those negative experiences. To truly enjoy your life requires a new perspective, a new lens - a new paradigm.


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These enlightening discussion will introduce a powerful shift to a state of awareness that is expressed as the highest virtue in all of the world’s spiritual traditions, yet it remains hidden in plain sight.

Joe and Denise lead  highly engaging discussion that will raise your awareness to the unconscious patterns of behaviors that cause perpetual disappointment and loneliness – especially in mid-life. Learn how to replace the old paradigm with a new one, and live a life of unexpected freedom, fulfillment, peace, and happiness.