Frustrated Couples

Your frustration inevitably leads to engaging in controlling behaviors that are causing harm to yourself and your partner.

Please stop.

Your partner is not your problem.

This singular truth bears repeating, over and over.


“My partner is NOT my problem”.

Will you believe it?

Until you can accept this truth, you will never be free.

Your partner is your opportunity to address the limiting subconscious beliefs that require your attention to dissolve and replace with beliefs in alignment with the results you long for.

When you get triggered by something your partner says or does, it’s a gift to Pause - and go within - so that you do no harm by responding from your offended ego.

The good news is that Love is always ready to set you free.

When you finally make a choice to stop blaming others, Love gently dissolves the suffering and restores Peace.

Sound to good to be true?

We thought so too.



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